James M

Before I met Andrew, I suffered from chronic back pain, which would put me on workers compensation at least once every two years. Once I became disciplined with Universals and was doing them properly, I built up my core so that not only did I no longer have to go on workers compensation but they … Continued


I’ve been doing Universals consistently every day for about the past 8 or 9 months, and during that time I’ve gone through the most powerfully positive cycles of growth and reached a level of stability in self that I never dreamed could exist!!


I’ve been doing Universals daily for 7.5 years. I utilize them to stay healthy, keep my back mobile, not get fat, stay emotionally stable, and as the foundation of positive discipline and consistency in my life. Daily Universals allow me to stay humbly proactive ahead of my dark.


I know from when I actually do them, Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire. They help lift the fatigue that fogs my brain, confusing it, & contributing to spaced-out living on auto-pilot rather than being able to choose living through conscious aware presence.


I find Universals very challenging to do properly. As I do them more consistently, I find myself energized, focused and grounded. When I do them properly, I even get a little glow on “buzz” effect where my vision changes a bit. Things seem brighter.


The Universal exercises are an amazing tool. If you do them with focused intention and discipline you will change your body. If you are feeling anxiety/fear they will help to calm and ground yourself.  You can also use them to meditate or to help with visualizations. Truly remarkable.