We Flow Universals five meditations in motion!!

The range we offer of Universal meditations in motion allows someone to sculpt and change their entire body and demeanour in attitude and health. Each exercise is to be chosen based on a person’s abilities and goals. Keep in mind all of them can be done in a limited space. Remember have fun with it!!!

Understanding We Flow Universal meditations as energy flow

To understand We Flow Universals from an energy flow standpoint, one needs to first grasp this major concept: you must envision the energy flows inside of you, picturing the highest sources of energy coming through key points of the body to meet in the center (your abdominal area) – in what we call the core power point – capturing and combining forces of earth energy and universal energy.

The earth energy coming from the ground to your body whether you have no legs or artificial legs is regardless. Picture the energy entering a source in your body, the earth energy – the gravity and then picture universal energy from beyond the earth, entering the crown of your head and passing through your chakra to your abdominal area and combining the two in a whirling qi ball of white light.

You will then radiate this qi ball of white light in your body internally or externally to specific areas of your body that you feel need to be healed.


What is core power?

It is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity. The flow of core power must be balanced for health.

The Lymphatic Pendulum

The Lymphatic Pendulum meditation in motion is a key to rebuilding the vitality of your energy flow and recycling it to high frequency white light and releasing it back out of the body, carrying out whatever is undesirable e.g. pain, illness or physical impairment.

Learning the Universal meditation in motion techniques

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The Ionic Shuffle

The Ionic Shuffle is a meditation in motion that promotes kickstarting chakra energy flow in an aligned aerobic fashion.

A practice as unique as its students

Juli's Reach

The Juli’s Reach meditation in motion promotes a realigning/redistribution of energy equally through the body, which realigns pelvis for the upper and lower body connection.

A practice as unique as its students

1000+ Students

Taught by Andrew & Elena.


The Crosscountry Skier

The Crosscountry Skier meditation in motion promotes extended neural connective firing in a kinetic motion, which lengthens muscles along the posterior leg muscles (calf muscles; hamstrings, gluteus and spine erector muscles). It also lengthens the shoulders and muscles of the arm.

A practice as unique as its students

Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire.

Gloria headshot
Gloria, 72

I know from when I actually do them, Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire. They help lift the fatigue that fogs my brain, confusing it, & contributing to spaced-out living on auto-pilot rather than being able to choose living through conscious aware presence.


The Gentle Warrior

The Gentle Warrior meditation in motion promotes balance and coordinated lateral flow of synergistic energy and connection that spreads evenly through the body.

A practice as unique as its students

Universal meditations in motion helped to heal chronic pain.

James M headshot
James, 53

Before I met Andrew, I suffered from chronic back pain, which would put me on workers compensation at least once every two years. Once I became disciplined with Universals and was doing them properly, I built up my core so that not only did I no longer have to go on workers compensation but they also eliminated my back pain since doing Universals consistently. Universals have done many things for me, such as:

  • Stability - of the core muscle groups as well as feeling stable from energetic grounding. Universals also provide stability and prepare myself for physical challenges throughout my work day (e.g. lifting, climbing, extending myself in reaching, squatting to work in tight spaces, walking for extended periods of time, different physical activity in general).
  • Clarity - As I do the exercises and check in with where I am at mentally, I can envision where I desire to focus on mentally.
  • Healing – Universal exercises helped to heal chronic pain. In the short term, Universals have been very effective for healing mental distractions like anxiety, anger, frustration or panic attacks.
  • Connectivity - Universals have me connected to what is happening in each moment through the day from a clear grounded viewpoint.
  • Manifestation - The Lymphatic Pendulum Universal movement makes it easy to move into a meditative state and focus on manifestation.
  • Toning - My whole body has become more toned from the consistency of the exercises.
  • Circulation – Universals are aerobic exercises. They increase heart rate so this in turn increases circulation as well as stimulates lymphatic clearing.
I guess when I reflect on what the Universals do for me it’s easy to see they are named appropriately.


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