Lasting change requires connection to yourself first!!

The We Flow community offers everyone a chance to have a foundation of open communication and discrete honesty as we redevelop our sense of self in the moment fully immersed in our bodies. LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!

I desire to strengthen myself!!


Stabilizing emotional wellbeing

Stabilizing muscle mass in an equilateral way

Improved bodily awareness

How does the We Flow community heal people and help them grow?

The We Flow community as a whole helps people heal and grow by caring naturally about getting results whilst helping you ground positively in your self-perception, health (self-esteem, self-worth) and value to society and this good.

It doesn’t matter what you do in life or what your station in life is, it is how you stabilize in it and how you try and find a healthy grounded feeling in a moment. We Flow Universals finalize all the strengths by having them accelerate results and maximize grounding through imagination and sharing that with others. Imagination is a powerful foundation for self-realization and self-growth. No spandex required.

And finally, we share our results with others for encouragement. Heartfully we hope this entices you to give them a try. Remember have fun with it!! It’s all about the power of energy flow!!!



Encouragement of instructors and other members

Conversations to enhance our techniques and disciplines

The joy of sharing positive growth in the moment with others

1000+ Students

Taught by Andrew & Elena

Our We Flow Community is here to help!

Andrew, Elena and all our We Flow instructors want to support you in the best way we can to optimize the We Flow experience for your mind, spirit and body. We offer live Universal meditation in motion classes twice to three times daily as well as our on-demand video meditations. If you have any questions please let us know how we can support you best here.

They helped me stay clear-headed, emotionally stable, and physically capable.

— Cheryl, 39


Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire.

— Gloria, 72, Duncan, BC


Daily Universals allow me to stay humbly proactive ahead of my dark.

— Erin, 39


ARE YOU READY TO EXPAND YOURSELF? Lasting change requires connection to yourself first.

We Flow has a positive community of people that are willing to support you in your ailments since many of them have experienced the same suffering. We encourage people to share ideas of what helped them and what worked for them and what helped them heal their bodies in any positive way. We desire people be safe and practical with this practice. At the same time, we encourage people to come out of your shell! Remember have fun with it!! Be brave and try something new and exciting and effective!!!


Introducing We Flow’s Lymphatic Pendulum

We Flow Universals are meditations in motion designed to put you in the moment in your body utilizing the energies around you and in you. We Flow Universals meditations will help you connect to eternal energy and wash it through your body and your state of consciousness for a healthier now. Check them out!!


We Flow Universal meditations in motion center self-awareness and put you in the moment. They increase focus and concentration and increase discipline of containing peaceful zen flowing energy from the Earth and the universe to your core power. We Flow Universal meditations also increase imaginative abilities so you can choose to heal your body internally and externally in a disciplined and consistent manner and this is good.


We Flow Universal meditations in motion create a stable enhanced sense of self awareness. They create purposeful peace with a clear mind. In addition, you will experience a focused sense of connection to yourself and others. Most importantly, you will feel a purposeful radiant feeling of core power and an ability to radiate that core power force from internal to external.


We Flow Universal meditations in motion ensure the smooth flow of core power internal strength, strengthen muscle mass, reduce body fat, lengthen your muscles, free your back of tightness, drain lymphatics as well as increase your awareness of your body’s energy flow. We Flow Universal meditations increase body health externally and internally. We Flow Universal meditations create a stable neuro-flow of the brain. For those who regularly practice Universals you will find it increases your all-around body defense mechanisms against harmful pathogens.

On-Demand video meditations and LIVE daily training streams.

We Flow is proud to offer on-demand video meditations and live daily training streams to suit your individual needs. Our On-demand videos will let you do Universal Meditations wherever and whenever you need them.

We also believe Universal Meditations are easier when shared in groups to exponentially share the positive imagination and white light with one another and through our live daily streams we hope to connect positively with all the members of our community.

I’ve gone through the most powerfully positive cycles of growth.

Christine headshot
Christine, 30

I’ve been doing Universals consistently every day for about the past 8 or 9 months, and during that time I’ve gone through the most powerfully positive cycles of growth and reached a level of stability in self that I never dreamed could exist!!


Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire.

Gloria headshot
Gloria, 72

I know from when I actually do them, Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire. They help lift the fatigue that fogs my brain, confusing it, & contributing to spaced-out living on auto-pilot rather than being able to choose living through conscious aware presence.


We Flow Universal exercises have helped me strengthen my core in ways that my aerial arts practice did not address!!

Brenda, 38

We Flow Universal exercises have helped me strengthen my core in ways that my aerial arts practice did not address. After practicing aerial arts on and off for about 8 years, my body found ways to compensate rather than strengthen in certain muscle groups. We Flow exercises filled in that gap and I've noticed my core strength increasing. This has also helped with my aerial arts practice! We Flow provides quick exercises that not only strengthen, they also ground and energize. Doing them 4-5 times a week (anywhere, including on the beach) has made a wonderful difference and even helped me improve how I breathe and regulate my emotions. I love them and the instructors who are super helpful and friendly.


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100+ Students

Taught by Andrew & Elena

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