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Andrew and Elena are scientists at heart and by training and we love questions. We Flow wants to ensure you are comfortable and informed therefore we have answered some frequently asked questions below. We are happy to hear from you whether it’s a question or concern. Click here to send a message to us.

What are Universals?

We Flow exercises are vehicles to total self-realization in a moment internally and externally an empowerment to make epic changes occur with your mind, spirit and body.

What is my role in Universals?

You are now the container that flows all energies in a cumulative way. You will begin to expand your health and consciousness of being. You ground Earth energy and invite Universals energy and focus on the white light in your qi empowering your body to heal.

What should I wear for Universals?

Let me answer this question by saying Universals where designed to be done anytime and anywhere to your comfort. Let’s not make it about what we are wearing let’s make it about what we are sharing with ourselves and others in self-improvement. In other words, these exercises where designed to do anytime, anywhere in limited space. This is what makes them so unique. It‘s about having the discipline to do them when you feel the spark to do them!!…and this is good!!

Where can I do Universals?

Universals we like to see done anywhere – in offices, in office bathrooms, at the bus stop. Why should we not be focused on healthy self-improvement while we have the time. In front the TV or your laptop. With others or by yourself. In parks, by the lake, on top of a mountain. You see, it is all about imagination and the power that imagining brings housed in a discipline of dynamic kinetic physical effort. Have fun with it!

I am a person with a disability. Can I do Universals?

We at We Flow pride ourselves in the fact that all our exercises were developed as easy therapeutic movements that make a formative difference in a person’s health. Each of these can be modified or changed to adapt to many disabilities. We would encourage talking to their physicians or us to modify or change the exercises to accommodate your disability and this is good!

What’s the age range of people who do Universals?

What isn’t the age range that is the question? We have people who are 90 and 2-year olds’ who have done them with their parents. Kids love them when they’re guided. Senior citizens find them easy to do because you can adapt them to people’s level of ability. Remember no spandex required!

Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire.

Gloria headshot
Gloria, 72

I know from when I actually do them, Universals energize me enough to function the way I desire. They help lift the fatigue that fogs my brain, confusing it, & contributing to spaced-out living on auto-pilot rather than being able to choose living through conscious aware presence.


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