Role of teachers in the We Flow community

The role of teachers is to guide people to understand the entirety of the philosophy of the exercise and to demonstrate proper technique for all aspects and to prevent clients form injuring themselves by working too hard or improper technique. Teachers will also know how to instruct clients to change techniques if they have an injury they need to compensate for or health and physical defects universals are adaptable.



Elena Buscher

Hello my name is Elena Buscher. I have been using Universals for five years and I am one of the main instructors for We Flow. I’m very excited to share with you what Universals have done for me!!

First a little bit about me: I’m a trained Marine Ethnoecologist, who loves being active and outside. Through the years I have traveled the world, running away from a lot of pain and trying to shield my family and myself from my obvious addiction problems. I’ve been addicted to multiple things throughout my lifetime and over the last five years have replaced my addictions with healthier habits and connection to others in an open and heartful way.

I could not start doing this until I was looking at my family and emotional coping patterns through counselling and workshops. Universals have helped me stabilize in a new sense of self once I had taken a close look at what I was actually doing to myself and how it impacted my long-term future. Universals have been able to put me back into my body, stabilize myself and my mental health and strengthening my body through imagining a healthier future for myself and my relationships. I’ve been able to heal a knee injury, which had put my entire body and posture out of whack.

I use Universals to strengthen and re-energize my mind, spirit and body. I use Universals to share a positive connection and vision for positive connection with others and I would love to do the same with you!!!

Andrew Louisy

Andrew Louisy

I’m a person who had a complete breakdown in my personal life and had to rebuild myself from the ground up and in doing so designed workshops, medicines and exercise programs to recover any individual from life’s emotional and physical challenges.

Having worked with anyone from street people to movie stars, I developed an understanding of the human condition and the many personal challenges that come with life including physical injury or sickness.

Fast forward to today, I have owned a holistic healing center for 9 years and have guided and trained many healers and treated many clients. I started developing exercises to benefit people of any age. They could either build muscle for athletes or help heal physical ailments for physical therapy. They were also designed for weight loss. I also wanted to design them so you could do them anywhere and in basically any clothing.

Over the years, I have adapted them and adopted them into my life. In doing so, people have watched me go through drastic weight loss from utilizing Universals on a daily basis. They have seen me improve my self-grounding and stability as well as witnessed personal recovery from physical sickness and injury. I have used them with many clients who offer testimonials on our site. They liberate mind, spirit and body and I stand as proof of their effectiveness. I hope you join us. Give it a try!!!

Amanda Hodovick

Amanda Hodovick

Hello Everyone, my name is Amanda Hodovick, I have been using We Flow’s Universal exercises for the last 6 years.

When my healing journey began I was introduced to Universals as a way to ground my energy and come back into my self when having an anxiety attack, dealing with my addictions, codependency, obsessive over-thinking and futile behaviours. By grounding my energy, connecting to my body and relaxing my mind, it freed me to navigate through my emotions and back into my heart and free to connect. Overall Universals strengthened my entire being and sense of self.

As a horticulturist, landscaping took a toll on my body and at the age of 27 my joints and tendons began to inflame and become irritated by the simplest activities. Years of neurotic behaviours and fear created internal damage to my digestion and kidneys. The different types of We Flow universal exercises have allowed me to reflect internally and focus on what needs to be healed in my body and envision healing it. Through practising Universals I have been able to release the hold that these toxic emotions and behaviours have had on me for years and free myself to bring in universal energy and heal my mind, body, and spirit.


Hilary Hodovick

My name is Hilary Hodovick. I have been a We Flow instructor since October 2020.

I have been a long time client of Andrew Louisy’s, recovering from addiction, alcoholism, body dysmorphia and all the health problems that came from years of abusing my body, mind and spirit. I started my own cleaning company 7 years ago and I have maintained and grown my business steadily since then.

During these last 7 years, I have still struggled with my addiction to cannabis using it as a coping mechanism and during the recent pandemic. I’ve really had to reassess and evaluate my processes and foundation.

I’ve always been an active person and going to the gym as a stress release and grounding activity was my go to, and then COVID swept the world and shut us down. I was finding it hard to focus, stabilize and ground my energy during these challenging times on top of the regular challenges in life.

I have been using We Flow Universal Exercises since We Flow launched and my life hasn’t been the same since. I have emotional, mental and physical stability. I have learned the benefits of consistency and overall the positivity that comes from connecting with a community of people who are all there for the same thing.

So, when asked why I believe in We Fow and why I became an instructor the answer is simple: Because the Universal exercises have been a fundamental part of my stability.


Cheryl Giesbrecht

Universal exercises have been a powerful tool in my life for over a decade, assisting me in maintaining stability, strength, and clarity. By doing the exercises I become one with myself and connect with heartfully with community.

These exercises bring consistently positive results no matter where my life is at, as they can be tailored to suit my needs in a moment, mind-body-spirit. When I was pregnant, Andrew Louisy taught me a form of Universals that I could do sitting down and gave me a meditation that addressed my emotional and spiritual needs during that time. We would often coordinate group-Universals over the phone, to bring in community connection. This was before the amazing We Flow platform existed!

Universal exercises have moved me through intense counselling and physical healing, including recovery from alcoholism, eating disorder, inter-generational trauma, back injuries, a challenging pregnancy and postpartum, covid. Universals have also been part of many moments of joy and achievement, as I moved forward in community connection, renewed family relations, pursuit of higher education, marriage, motherhood. In my current role as a lawyer, I use Universals to help me handle challenging files such as coroner’s inquests. In my home life, they help me stay stable and strong as I move through the joys and challenges of parenting a lively toddler. Through it all, Universals are a key component of my success.

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you as a We Flow instructor and community member. It is my desire that you experience the magic and grounding of Universals in your life. I hope you will join us, to enhance your life in every way and to share that growth in community!


Emily Axford

I was introduced to Universals after my fourth year of university, where I became involved with the Time To Heal community and began attending workshops and meetings.  Universals are an active part of these events, and they are powerful tools in helping us connect to ourselves and to others.

I am a teacher, musician, horsewoman, and lover of the outdoors.  I am also a deeply spiritual person, and Universals and We Flow have become a central part of my spiritual practice.  Over the last seven years, I completed a Bachelor of Music degree with a specialization in Music Education, and a Bachelor of Education degree.  I began teaching this year, and am in a temporary position as a Kindergarten teacher.  Universals and We Flow have helped me over the last 6 months to center and ground myself, release stress, and put energy toward positivity, good health, and stability.  Additionally, We Flow has been teaching me lots about being proactive, and making choices in alignment with my heart’s desires.

I have always valued a healthy and active lifestyle, and We Flow has been a beautiful addition to my daily and weekly routines.  One of the amazing things about Universals is that they can be both energizing, and calming.  I have discovered grounding, centering and calming benefits of doing Universals right before bed.  For me, it is about directing my intention and focus toward what I desire in that present moment, whether it is energy, stress release, grounding, connection, healing, or something else altogether.  Whatever you desire to manifest in your life, We Flow is a powerful tool to help you realize your desires and full potential.  Sending out love and light all the way from Ottawa, Ontario.  I sincerely hope you will join us to share in the growth of this community!


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I’ve gone through the most powerfully positive cycles of growth.

Christine headshot
Christine, 30

I’ve been doing Universals consistently every day for about the past 8 or 9 months, and during that time I’ve gone through the most powerfully positive cycles of growth and reached a level of stability in self that I never dreamed could exist!!


We Flow Universal exercises have helped me strengthen my core in ways that my aerial arts practice did not address!!

Brenda, 38

We Flow Universal exercises have helped me strengthen my core in ways that my aerial arts practice did not address. After practicing aerial arts on and off for about 8 years, my body found ways to compensate rather than strengthen in certain muscle groups. We Flow exercises filled in that gap and I've noticed my core strength increasing. This has also helped with my aerial arts practice! We Flow provides quick exercises that not only strengthen, they also ground and energize. Doing them 4-5 times a week (anywhere, including on the beach) has made a wonderful difference and even helped me improve how I breathe and regulate my emotions. I love them and the instructors who are super helpful and friendly.


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