James M

Before I met Andrew, I suffered from chronic back pain, which would put me on workers compensation at least once every two years. Once I became disciplined with Universals and was doing them properly, I built up my core so that not only did I no longer have to go on workers compensation but they also eliminated my back pain since doing Universals consistently. Universals have done many things for me, such as:

  • Stability – of the core muscle groups as well as feeling stable from energetic grounding. Universals also provide stability and prepare myself for physical challenges throughout my work day (e.g. lifting, climbing, extending myself in reaching, squatting to work in tight spaces, walking for extended periods of time, different physical activity in general).
  • Clarity – As I do the exercises and check in with where I am at mentally, I can envision where I desire to focus on mentally.
  • Healing – Universal exercises helped to heal chronic pain. In the short term, Universals have been very effective for healing mental distractions like anxiety, anger, frustration or panic attacks.
  • Connectivity – Universals have me connected to what is happening in each moment through the day from a clear grounded viewpoint.
  • Manifestation – The Lymphatic Pendulum Universal movement makes it easy to move into a meditative state and focus on manifestation.
  • Toning – My whole body has become more toned from the consistency of the exercises.
  • Circulation – Universals are aerobic exercises. They increase heart rate so this in turn increases circulation as well as stimulates lymphatic clearing.

I guess when I reflect on what the Universals do for me it’s easy to see they are named appropriately.