Universals have been a powerful tool in my life, assisting me in maintaining stability, strength, and clarity. They are a daily physical exercise with a meditative component that brings consistently positive results no matter where my life is at. Universals can be tailored to best suit your needs during a period of time. For example, when I was pregnant, Andrew taught me a form of Universals that would work physically and gave me a meditation that addressed my needs during that time. He or I would often coordinate group Universals with friends in different cities in order to enhance the energy component. I live in the prairies and we would all connect through multiple-party phone calls.

I recall the early days of doing Universals. I was going through a major growth spurt, personally and professionally. I was moving through this intense healing at night, facing past traumas and futile coping mechanisms, then getting up and going to my professional job during the day where I was endeavouring to rise up in the company. I also got sick a lot as I processed through my emotional stuff. I did Universals every chance I could get: in the morning when I was waiting for the bus, during breaks at work (usually in the bathroom), and then wherever else I happened to be at night. The Universals are aptly named, impacting mind, body and spirit. They helped me stay clear-headed, emotionally stable, and physically capable. My work had a lot of moving parts and there was a lot at stake for me, and for my boss and our clients. I wound up working for one of the top people in the company, then moving on to law school. I got out of my own way in every area of my life, going on to heal my family relationships, get married, and have a child of my own. Through it all, Universals have been a key component of my success.